The perfect cask beer event is the great British pub quiz

Use all the elements of the free Cask Ale Week pub quiz below and avoid all the hassle of writing your own questions.




Try out one of our virtual quizzes on Kahoot!

What is Kahoot?

Kahoot is a game-based platform that brings competition, engagement, and fun to 1+ billion players every year. This year, to support social distancing measures within pubs, Cask Ale Week have decided to create three Kahoot quizzes for everyone to enjoy.

What do pubs need to host a quiz?

Pubs need a big, accessible screen that customers can clearly see. Pubs must hook their laptop up to the big screen before hosting the quiz.

How many people can play?

As many as you like! As soon as everyone is ready (i.e. they have entered the GAME PIN and their quiz nickname), get the quiz started! The more people the merrier. The quizzes can reused and replayed whenever you like.

How do we find out more information?

Visit the Kahoot website ( and give it a trial first. There are thousands of quizzes readily available to play.  You can also email Will, working on behalf of Cask Ale Week, on will@redflamecommunications for help / questions too.

Choose from 3 of our online interactive quizzes below.

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CASK ALE WEEK – Thu 23rd Sep – Sun 3rd Oct 2021


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