Beers brewed for Cask Ale Week


Brakspear Brewery and Toast Ale collaboration beer ‘Henley-on-Toast’ has been brewed using 50 surplus loaves. The auburn ale is available in Brakspear Pubs in and around Henley. 30p of every pint to go to Feedback charity – helping to end food waste.  

Further information: https://brakspear.co.uk/toast-of-the-town/

Cask Ale Week Mild

Dhillons Brewery are brewing a mild beer and naming it ‘Cask Ale Week Mild’ – the first ever beer to be named after this nationwide celebration! As well as this, they are brewing a New American Pale Ale. Both will be available to try at their party at the brewery on 28th September or in pubs in the surrounding region.  

Harvest Moon

Bowland Brewery are kicking off the cask ale celebrations with the Launch of their seasonal Ale ‘Harvest Moon’ on Thursday 20th Sep.